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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unconscious Mind!

In the Sung dynasty there was a famous prime minister by the name of Chang Shang-Yin who was strictly against Buddhism. He wrote many articles purporting to refute Buddhism, and he would spend every evening pondering over how he could improve these articles which he was working on.
His wife, observing his obsessive involvement and struggle with his writing, asked him, "What are you doing?"
He said, "Buddhism is really hateful. I'm trying to prove there is no Buddha."
His wife remarked, "How strange! If you are so sure that there is no Buddha, then why bother to refute the Buddha? It is as if you are throwing punches into the empty space!"
This comment turned his mind around and he started reflecting .... “Yes! This is quite true! There may be something to Buddhism after all....!”

Moral of the Story ....

When someone tries to destroy something, it clearly indicates that he is still bound by it. Just imagine, someone is trying to clear a blocked pipe by pushing another object into it. Whatever was originally blocking the pipe may be pushed out, but the new object will now block the pipe.
Awareness means a conscious mind and anger, hatred, jealousy, etc. are generated only in a very unconscious, unaware, sleepy state of mind. One should be more and more alert and understand that these negative emotions are useless in our path of growth and they waste our energy. If one wishes to seek the truth, then one should hold no opinion for or against anything.
Friends, when one throws away something, it may be gone, but does it cease to exist ...? Please contemplate on this truth....!

Have a Wonderful Day Friends !!