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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Smallest Prayer!

Please reflect on these wonderful words of OSHO ….

“ …One of the most beautiful and the profoundest prayers is found in the Upanishads. It is the smallest prayer ever uttered, yet it contains all the scriptures….

Asatoma Sadgamaya — lead me from the world of untruth to the world of truth.
Tumasoma Jyotirgamaya — lead me from the world of darkness to the world of light.
Mrutyorma Amrutamgamaya — lead me from the world of death to the world of the deathless.

It is a three-dimensional enquiry….

We have to drop all that is untrue. The moment we drop the untrue the truth is revealed of its own accord. You need not go anywhere in search of it, it is found within. The moment we become aware of our inner darkness, that very awareness creates light. Awareness is light and when the light is there darkness starts disappearing. And the moment there is truth and there is light suddenly one becomes absolutely certain of one’s immortality. There is no way to die. Death is the greatest illusion. Nobody has ever died, people just believe that they die. It is a belief, it has no relationship to the truth. Those who know, know that life is eternal, always ongoing; there is no end to it — no beginning, no end. It has always been here, it will always be here.

There is no other space and no other time. Now and here … these two words contain the whole of existence.

Begin by dropping all that is untrue, all that you have believed but you have not known …that is untrue, so drop it. And become aware of your inner unconsciousness so that awareness starts dispelling the darkness. And then the third happens on its own …one suddenly enters into a new dimension, one goes beyond time. And to go beyond time is to go beyond death.

To know that life is eternal is the beginning of rejoicing….!!”

Have a Meaningful Day Friends!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Osho: Tathata...Total Acceptance!

Dear Friends, here is the Spiritual Meaning of “Let Go…!” – By Osho.

Please reflect on these wonderful words …
“…Acceptance is one of the most beautiful words. Buddhists, the followers of Buddha, have a term for it which is even deeper than the English word ‘acceptance’; it is “Tathata”. Which means saying ‘yes’ so totally that, in your being there is no division. You become one in your yes. You say ‘yes’ so totally that, there does not exists ‘no’ inside you, no denial.


Tathata, is “total acceptance”. It is not that the major part of your mind, the major part of your being decides on “yes”, and the minor still goes on saying “no”. Then it is conflict. Any day the majority may become a minority, and the minority may become a majority. There exists an inner politics. 

Acceptance, total acceptance, Tathata, means without any political decision …total. 

There is nobody who says ‘no’ within you, not even a fragment, because even a fragment can be destructive. And even if part of you says ‘no’ you cannot receive the true teaching.

God is available, 
Truth is available, 
Light is available, 
but you are such a miser in receiving. 
You are not only a miser in giving, you are a miser in receiving also. 
A miser has to be a miser whatsoever he does. You cannot give; you cannot receive. Giving and receiving are two aspects of the same coin. If you can give, you can also receive. Hence, so much insistence on giving away whatsoever you can give … give with love, so that you can become capable of receiving more and more.
It is just like inhalation and exhalation. 
If you exhale deeply, automatically you will inhale deeply. If you want to inhale deeply, you will have to exhale deeply ….there is no other way. And life is a balance between exhalation and inhalation. If you are afraid of exhalation your breathing will become shallow. Then your inhalation cannot be very deep …it is impossible. Exhalation is giving … giving whatsoever you can give. The more you give, the more you become capable of receiving.

…And when you give completely, utterly, totally, that is the moment of total acceptance, Tathata….!”


Have a Blissful Day Friends!

Mrs. Sangeeta Hegde

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving Closer!

Thomas Alva Edison was working on an experiment related to electric bulbs. He continuously worked for almost three years but failed more than seven hundred times. All his colleagues and students, were completely frustrated. Every morning he would come happy and bubbling with joy, and ready to start again. More than seven hundred experiments and three years wasted! Everybody was almost certain that, the whole thing is useless, just a whim.
One day all of them came together and talked to Edison, 'We have failed seven hundred times and we have achieved nothing. So, now we have to stop.'
Edison laughed loudly and said, 'How can you say we have failed? We have succeeded in knowing that those seven hundred methods won't work. If there are one thousand possibilities, we have closed seven hundred. So, we are nearing closer and closer to success every day! We have knocked on seven hundred doors and they were not the right doors. But there was no other way to learn that they were not the right doors and this is a great achievement!'

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, this is the basic scientific attitude. If one can decide that something is false, then one is moving closer to the truth. One needs to experiment, so that, one never loses the opportunity of learning something unfamiliar.
One should never cling to the past and always remain open for experimentation, always ready to walk on a path which one has never explored before. And even if it proves useless, it will be an experience.
One should never think that, whatsoever one is doing is perfect. It is never perfect. But, it is always possible to improve upon it to make it more perfect.

Have a Wonderful Day Friends!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alchemical Outlook!

There was a great Sufi mystic called Bayazid, who used to pray every day and used to express his thanks and gratitude towards God, sometimes even without any reason.
Once he and his disciples had to starve for three days, without a drop of water and food. They were being driven out from one village to another by some people who were against them. However, that evening before going to sleep Bayazid again prayed and thanked God by saying, “You are so compassionate my Lord. Whatsoever we needed, you have always given to us. We are very thankful and obliged ...!”
His disciples were confused, so they asked him, “Now we can’t understand this! For what are you thanking God? For three days we have been hungry, thirsty, have been thrown out of every village and you are saying ‘Whatsoever is needed, you have always given to us!’ What has He given to us for last three days?'

Bayazid smiled and said, 'He has given us hunger, thirst and the people who have been running after our lives for last three days. Whatsoever is needed, He always gives! Probably this must be needed for us. He is very compassionate and knows it better about what exactly is needed for us!'

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, this attitude is alchemical helps transform our lives. The baser metal is immediately transformed into gold once we have such an alchemical outlook. We touch anything and immediately the thing turns in to gold.

God comes to us in different forms and different ways. Sometimes He also comes as a misery, suffering, hurt or upset, to give us depth. 
Sometimes He comes as happiness, joy and bliss, to create ripples of laughter in us. Sometimes He also comes as a life, sometimes as a death. 
Only He keeps coming through different forms. Multiple are His forms, His ways and His faces. 
One needs special eyes to recognise Him in whatsoever form He comes to us. 

Even if he comes as a suffering, we should remember that it is also His image and probably this is needed at this time.

One should touch one’s miseries and hurts with a grateful heart and suddenly one will see the beauty even in the suffering. A silence will immediately settle around and one will feel thankful towards Him.
Friends, He always gives a right thing at the right moment, but we misunderstand....!

Have a Blissful Day Friends!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Non-Duality ...The Unity!

Friends, please reflect on this meaningful story .....

Once a disciple of a Zen Master had gone to see a polo game. When he returned the Master asked him, "I have a few questions for you. Were the riders on the horses tired?"

The disciple said, "Yes, at the end of the game they looked tired!"

Then the Master asked, "Were the horses also tired?"

The disciple said, "Yes, although not as much as the riders, but even the horses were tired!"

Finally the Master asked, "...And now the final question ....were the wooden posts used in the game, tired too?"

This was too much! The disciple hesitated a little. The Master said, "Go and meditate over it. Tomorrow morning I want the answer!"

For the whole night the disciple could not sleep. "The wooden posts ... how can they be tired? What a stupid question! But if the Master has asked, it can't be stupid ... there has to be something in it."

The entire night he tried hard and meditated on Master’s question. Finally, early next morning he rushed to the Master, fell at his feet and said, "Yes Master, the wooden posts were also tired!"

The Master smiled and said, "I am happy that, you watched the polo game, it has been useful. I have no more questions for you now!"

Others disciples could not understand what was going on. So, one of them asked the Master, "How can the wooden posts be tired? Please explain to us!"

...And the Master replied, "If the wooden posts cannot be tired then even the riders and the horses cannot be tired, because this whole existence is one....!"

Moral of the Story ....
Friends, this story is quite meaningful. If a man gets tired, if horses get tired, then wooden posts also get tired, because this whole existence is a manifestation of one energy.
Although duality is the way of life, non-duality is the way towards transcending the manifested form and going into the un-manifest, going to the original source from where we come and for which we long. Unless we reach the source, something always remains unfulfilled in life, because only in the source is the rest ….!

Please reflect over these words & enjoy the day Friends!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Desires and Peace

It seems, when ‘Alexander The Great’ died and reached heaven, he was carrying all the psychological weight of his entire kingdom, wealth, gold, diamonds, etc. In fact, he was burdened too much by being ‘Alexander The Great’.


The gatekeeper at heaven looked at him, started laughing and asked him, 'Why are you carrying so much of a burden?'
Alexander said, 'What burden?' because physically he was carrying nothing, but his psyche was very heavy.

To prove his point, the gatekeeper brought a weighing balance and put a human eye in one of the two pans of the balance. 
Then he asked Alexander to put all the weight of his greatness, treasures, kingdom, victories, etc. in the other pan of the balance. 
Alexander did so. However, to his surprise, the pan containing the human eye still remained heavier than all his greatness, wealth and his kingdom. Finally, finding no other way, Alexander himself jumped onto the pan, but still the one human eye remained heavier.

Perplexed Alexander asked the gatekeeper, 'How can such a small eye be so heavy? Are you playing some trick or magic with me?'

The gatekeeper replied, 'This ‘human eye’ represents human desires, which cannot be balanced out or fulfilled with any of your great efforts!'

So, Alexander enquired, 'Then what is the way to fulfil it?'
The gatekeeper threw a tiny particle of dust into that human eye in the pan. 

The eye immediately blinked, became light and weightless....!

Moral of the Story ...

Friends, quite a meaningful story! Our desires are plenty, but our needs are few. Needs can be fulfilled, but not human desires. 
A desire is a need gone crazy. The more you try to fulfil, the more it goes on demanding. 
Desires are ugly and they turn most of us in to crazy monsters.

A little dust of understanding has to be thrown into the eye full of desires, so that, the desires disappear and only the needs remain, which are quite light.
Friends, one always needs to choose that which is more peaceful....!
Have a Great Day Friends!