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Monday, October 24, 2011

Communicating with a Buddha!

One evening three partially deaf women met on the road. The day was very windy, so one woman said, "Windy today, isn't it?"
The second woman said, "Wednesday? No, it's Thursday today."
Immediately the third one said, "Thirsty? I am also, so let's go to the restaurant and have a cup of tea."

Moral of the Story ....
Friends, this is what happens to most of us, when a Buddha talks to us. Even if the physical ear is present, spiritual ear is missing in us. Therefore, a Buddha can talk only to another Buddha. But with another Buddha, there is no need to talk. Buddha needs to talk only with those who are still not reached the buddhahood. Friends, only with unenlightened, there exists the need to communicate, however, communication becomes impossible there....!
Most of us are unconscious, so we understand only the language of unconsciousness. Whenever somebody talks from the peak of consciousness, it becomes utterly un-understandable, unintelligible and such a person seems to be so far away! By the time Buddha’s words reach the dark valleys of our unconscious, we have already distorted them to such an extent that they have no reference at all to the origin any more.

Friends, we hear the words of a Buddha but we miss the meaning. We hear the song but we miss the music. We hear the argument but we miss the conclusion. Many a times we may know what a Buddha is saying but we are unable to see where he is indicating...!