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Monday, October 3, 2011

Light The Lamp!

The 12th century master Geshe Ben was renowned for his goodness and integrity. Once, while he was begging for alms, a family of devout Buddhists invited him to their home to be fed.

Geshe Ben was so hungry that he found it difficult to wait while his hosts were in the kitchen preparing the meal. To his complete shock he found himself stealing some food from a jar when no-one was around.

Geshe Ben suddenly burst into loud cries shouting, "Thief! Thief! ....I've caught you red-handed....!"

His hosts rushed into the room to find him berating himself and threatening his hand with being cut off if it ever behaved like that again.

Moral of the Story …

Friends, the real honesty is a responsibility to the present moment, which needs tremendous awareness. One has to be honest to the present moment and not to the past or to the future. Awareness is the lamp, which makes the inner darkness disappear. One should be a lamp unto the self.

Whatsoever we are doing, the watcher should be present in us every moment. If we don’t take the lamp of awareness with ourselves, we are going to create a hell around us. We should, therefore, learn to light the inner lamp of awareness, wherever we move, whatever we do ...That is the right way to transform our lives....!

Have a Great Beginning of the Week Friends!