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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rooster & the Sun Rise!

There was a  crazy old woman who lived all her life in a village. Once she spitted out foul words in anger as she was leaving the village. She blamed the villagers saying that, they all had inflicted her with troubles all her life. She cursed them and claimed that, they would learn a bitter lesson on her departure from that village.

The anxious villagers asked her, as to what would befall them once she left?

The old lady replied with vengeance, “I am going to take away my rooster along with me, due to whose crowing the sun has been rising every morning in this village!"

She further continued, “Now you are all going to grope in darkness, as the sun will rise only in the village where I am going to stay with my rooster!"

The old woman then saw the sun rising in the new village where she had moved. She felt quite happy that she could take the revenge on the people of the previous village and they will be engulfed with darkness forever....!

Moral of the Story …

Friends, although roosters are aware that they crow only when the sun rises, it is only their masters who think it otherwise!

One’s ego is one of the most fundamental problems man has to face. This is how most of us become the victims of illusions & our own illusive mind. We believe that things happen only because of us, our beliefs and expectations. It is our ego that functions as a barrier between us and the reality.

Friends, until one gets rid of the ego there is no possibility of meeting the God.