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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Your Wheat Good?

Down at the local coffee shop, two farmers were arguing about the validity of their respective religions.

A third farmer was listening for a while. He observed them for some more time and then said out a loud, "I've been bringing my wheat here to this same mill for over forty years. Now, there are two roads that lead up to the mill. However, never even once the miller has asked me which road I take. He just asks me 'Is your wheat good?'"

Food For The Thoughts ....

Friends, religion is not knowledge, religion is love. The word 'religion' comes from a root which means binding together....falling in love ...becoming one.
Religion is not what most of us understand it to be. In fact, the so called religion is a dead rock. True religion is always like a flowing river, continuously changing its course, but ultimately reaching the ocean. A rock may be ancient, far more experienced, far older, but rock is a rock, and it is dead. It does not move with the seasons, it does not move with the existence, the rock is simply lying there. Have you seen any rock singing or dancing?

Friends, religion is a quality, not an organisation. Today, almost all the 300 religions existing in this world are simply dead rocks. They don't flow, they don't change, they don't move with the times. And anything that is dead is not going to help anybody in anyway....!
Have a Great Day Friends !