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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Once a disciple came to a Zen master and asked, "Why are a few people so intelligent and a few so stupid? Why are a few people so beautiful and a few so ugly? If God is everywhere, if he is the creator, then why this discrepancy and inconsistency? If this is due to the past karmas, then in the very beginning everyone must have been created equal, equally beautiful and intelligent, then how can they act differently, how can they have different karmas?"

The master said, "Wait! This is such a secret thing that, I will have to tell you when everybody has left." So, the disciple waited, eager, but people kept coming and going and there was no chance. 
But by the late evening everybody had left so the disciple asked, "Now?"

The master looked at him and said, "Come out with me!"

The moon was just coming up in the sky. The master took the disciple in the garden and said, "Look, that tree there is small, this tree here is so tall. I have been living with these trees for past many years and they have never raised the question of why that tree is small and this tree is big.” The master further said, "When there was mind in me, even I used to ask the same question sitting under these trees. Then my mind dropped and the question also dropped. Now I know that, this tree is small and that tree is big, but the trees don’t have any problem. So you can also see that, there is really no problem....!"

Moral of the Story.....

Friends, it is only our mind that keeps comparing. How can one compare when there is no mind? How can one say that, this tree is small and that tree big?
So, when the mind drops, comparisons drop, and when there is no comparison the beauty of existence can be experienced in true sense. Then all the contradictions are lost and the inner consistency can be seen. One needs to drop the mind and only then look at the existence. Then there will not be any question. Then there will be no yesterday and no today, only the here and now.
Friends, when the mind is absent communication transforms in to Communion....!

Enjoy every moment of Life Friends !!