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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Door is Open!

Once a king wanted to pick the wisest man among his subjects to be his prime minister. When the search finally narrowed down to three men, he decided to put them to the supreme test. Accordingly, he placed them in a room in his palace, and installed a lock which was the last word in mechanical ingenuity. The candidates were informed that whoever was able to open the lock and come out of the room first would be appointed to the post of honour.
The three men were allowed inside the room and were locked. They immediately set themselves to the task. While two of them at once began to work out the complicated mathematical formulae to discover the proper lock-combination, the third man, however, just sat in his chair doing nothing. Finally, without even bothering to put pen to paper, he got up, walked to the door, turned the knob, and the door opened. The door had been unlocked all the time!
Thus, the third man won and became the Prime Minister!
Moral of the Story ….
Friends, this is exactly our situation today. Nothing is locked, the door is open. But most of us are pondering upon ways and means to unlock the lock. We are trying different methodologies, practising a thousand and one things, to get out of the ‘door’, not knowing that, we are already out. Unless we stop our non-essential thinking process, we will not be able to know the truth of life.
We are not in a bondage, but only think so, hence keep experiencing it. Thus, we create our own prisons, our complicated locks and then keep trying to find out the ways to get out of them.
Friends, how can there be a lock on the door of existence? We all are a part of it, so who is going to lock it and for what? If we can see and understand this, we can be relaxed. In this relaxation, the true vision can arise….!
Friends, let us all live each moment of our lives wisely!!