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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Idiot!!

In a village, a young man used to be very much disturbed because the whole village thought that he was an idiot.

Once a wise old man was passing through the village and the young man approached him and pleaded, “Please help me! Villagers always keep criticizing me for anything I do. I really can’t understand what to do. Please show me a way out.”

The wise old man said, “Don’t be worried…!” And he whispered some secret in the young man’s ear. The wise old man also told him, “After one month I will come back. Meet me then and tell me how things are going.”

Accordingly, the young man went to the marketplace and started working on the formula given by the wise old man. When someone said, “What a beautiful sunset!”, the young idiot questioned him, “What is so beautiful in it? Come on, prove what is so beautiful in it!”

The man who had said that the sunset was beautiful was shocked. What can be the proof? Everybody knows the beauty of sunset, but nobody can prove it. So, the man remained silent, and everybody around started laughing.

Then people started thinking, “This is strange! We used to think, this man was an idiot. He is a great intellectual!”

The formula given to the young man by the wise old man was, “Criticize anything and everything. Just roam about the village watching and when anybody says anything or does anything, just criticize it.” The young idiot continued criticizing as was advised by the wise man.

After a month the wise old man returned to the village, but by that time the idiot had become a ‘wise man’. He touched the old man’s feet and said, “You are great! Your trick really worked and now the whole village thinks I am a wise man.”

The wise old man smiled and said, “Just remember one thing, don’t assert anything from your side, so that nobody can criticize you. Let them assert things and you criticize and complain. Don’t be defensive, attack, be aggressive, criticize everybody and slowly people will worship you…..!”

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, to be intellectual is to be phony, it is only a pretending intelligence. It is not real, because it is borrowed. Intelligence is the growth of inner consciousness but intellectuality is a camouflaged stupidity, it is a pseudo-intelligence. It pretends to be intelligence, but it is not.

If one doesn’t start growing in awareness, one is bound to become cunning. There are only two alternatives. Either, one becomes wise or one becomes cunning and cunningness is a substitute for wisdom.

Friends, very few people become Buddhas, others are out of necessity cunning. Life teaches us to be more cunning than others because it is a struggle for survival and only the cunning ones survive…!!

Have a Great Day Friends!