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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Story of Bhamati

Friends, there is a book in Sanskrit called,‘BHAMATI.
This books is in fact, a commentary on one of the most philosophical treatises ever written, the ‘BRAHMASUTRAS’ of Badarayan, who was perhaps the greatest philosopher the world has ever seen. 

Although there are many other commentaries on the BRAHMASUTRAS, it is said that one of the best commentaries is ‘BHAMATI’, which is the name of a certain woman.

This commentary was written by a great philosopher, Vachaspati Misra whose wife's name was BHAMATI. It took him almost fifteen years to write this commentary and he had decided that the day the commentary was complete; he would renounce the world and go to the Himalayas.

One fine night his book of commentaries was completed, so Vachaspati was about to get up from his seat and suddenly in the candle light, he found a woman quietly serving him his dinner plate.  He asked her, "Who are you and what are you doing here at this time?"

She replied, "My lord, you were so immersed in writing the commentaries that you have completely forgotten that many years ago you had married me. I am Bhamati, your wife!"
Vachaspati said, "Yes, I remember now. Show me your hands and I will recognize them. These hands have been putting the candle by my side and serving me my dinner every day after sunset. I know these hands.... But now it is too late, as I have taken a vow that the day my commentaries are complete I will take 'sanyas' and leave the house!"

Bhamati said, "It would have been very unloving to disturb you, so I was waiting... but don't be worried. I will never come in your way. It is enough for me that, I got to serve you and I know that you love me. This is enough for my entire life".

Vachaspati was spell-bound, he said, "...The world can find many commentators like I, but it is difficult to find a woman of your quality, with such unconditional love, patience and such greatness of heart! I will name this book of commentaries ‘BHAMATI’, so that, whoever reads this book is bound to remember you"
...Then Vachaspati left for the Himalayas, but he could not forget Bhamati and her qualities, her grace, and her divine beauty... something beyond human qualities. Vachaspati remains a great scholar, but Bhamati proves to be a far more divine being.

Friends, this story is unbelievable! Once in a while there have been such angels, although it is extremely rare, accidental and exceptional....

Have a Great Day Friends!

Mrs. Sangeeta Hegde