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Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Throw It!!

One day a rich man came to Sri Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa, with ten thousand gold coins to offer him. Sri Ramakrishna accepted his offering and then said, "Now these coins are all mine. Please do me a favour. Please go to the Ganges and throw them all into the river."

The man was quite shocked, so he hesitated. Sri Ramakrishna told him, "When you have offered them to me, they no longer belong to you. Why are you hesitating? If you don’t want to go and throw them in the river, I shall send somebody else to throw them away. So, you may leave now."

Finally, the man reluctantly agreed to go and throw away all the gold coins in the river Ganges. He left with the gold coins to throw them in Ganges which was quite nearby. However, more than an hour passed and the man didn't return. So, Sri Ramakrishna enquired, "What happened to that man? Has he escaped with the coins? Please go and check."

Someone went to check the man near the river banks and saw that the man had collected a big crowd around him. That rich man was taking out one coin at a time from the bag and was throwing it in the river, and at the same time he was also counting the coins loudly! The person returned and informed Sri Ramakrishna what he saw on the river banks and also told him that, the man may take several more hours to complete the process as he was throwing only one coin at a time.

Then Ramakrishna himself walked up to the river banks and asked him, "Are you crazy? I can understand that, when you collect the coins, you count them, it is a gradual process. But when I asked you to throw them away, why are you counting them?” Sri Ramakrishna further said, “...How does it matter to you, whether the coins are ten thousand or more or less? Anyway those coins no more belong to you and the Ganges is certainly not interested in them...!"

Moral of the Story....

Friends, the mind clings to everything and does not want to renounce anything, thus it goes on postponing. Mind also finds beautiful rationalization for its action.
This story indicates that, when one is dropping one’s ego, conditioning, mental concepts and beliefs, one should not drop them one by one. They are all interconnected, so one has to drop them all. If one can not drop them all in a single moment, one will never be able to drop them at all. Either now, or never.
Surrendering is throwing away one’s ego. There is no counting and there are no methods, just throw it. Surrender itself is the path, surrender itself is the technique.
Friends, the moment one throws one’s ego, suddenly one becomes aware of the inner center and one can reach the same point, but through a very diverse path.

Have a Nice Day Friends !