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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dropping the Non-Essential!

A nervous and trembling passenger was standing near the driver of the river steamboat as the driver twisted and turned the boat wheel.

“Don’t you worry man,” said the driver, “I have been running these boats on this river since long and I know where every snag and sandbar is!”

Just then the boat struck a submerged snag with such a force that the whole boat shivered from stem to stern.

“There,” said the pilot triumphantly, “that is one of them now….!”

Moral of the Story ….

Friends, what type of knowledge is this and how is it going to help us?
Whole of our so-called knowledge is like this. It does not help us in any way. This kind of knowledge simply gives us a certain egoistic idea that ‘we know’, but it doesn’t help us on the path of life. Neither it helps us to avoid ditches and pitfalls in life nor does it help us to move towards the right direction and nor does it help us in any way to avoid calamities of life.
Friends, in spite of this we go on thinking that ‘we know’. This type of useless knowledge is a burden which should not be carried along in our head anymore. Once we are ready to drop it we will feel weightless, clean, fresh.

Have a Great Day Friends!