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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Knowing the Whole!!

It was an international conference in the USA and the delegates were eating the farewell dinner of the conference. 

A Japanese gentleman was sitting next to a delegate from Portland, Oregon. After the Japanese had finished his soup, the American asked him, "Likee thee soupee?" The Japanese gentleman nodded.

Then throughout the meal, the American kept asking the Japanese such questions as, "Likee thee fishee?", "Likee thee drinkee?" , and so on....

When the meal was finished, the chairman of the conference rose to his feet and introduced the Japanese gentleman as the guest speaker of the meeting. The Oriental gentleman gave a witty, excellent speech, in fluent English, much better than anything, any American has ever uttered, with a perfect accent.

After the speech, the Japanese gentleman returned to his seat and asked his American table companion, “Likee thee speechee ....?"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, most of the times we know only a part of the other, not the whole. And how can we 
judge the whole person, when we know only a small fragment of the person. That small fragment will never be absolutely right in the whole context.

It is easy to criticize, it does not even need much intelligence to criticize and it gives a good feeling as well. By criticizing others, one feels one is higher, one is better than the other person. It is quite ego fulfilling. Friends, almost all of us do that, either openly or just within ourselves, but the enjoyment is the same.
Only rarely a few who don’t criticize, who don’t complain and those are the people who have dropped their egos. With the dropping of the ego, almost the whole world disappears. The whole world that was knit around the ego falls away completely, and one starts looking at the others in a new light. One’s outlook becomes more human, more friendly and only then there can be a deep acceptance of others, as they are.