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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There is a famous story in Tibet. A man wanted to learn the art of miracles, so he started serving a saint residing in a temple. The saint was thought to be a knower of all the secrets. The man served the saint day in, day out, although the old saint told him again and again, “I don’t know anything. You are unnecessarily wasting your time.”
But the man said, “You cannot avoid me so easily. I will die sitting here, but I will learn the secret from you.”
Finally the saint said, “Listen ..., I am giving you a simple secret mantra. Just go on chanting ‘Om, Om, Om....’ and all the secrets of the miracles will be available to you soon.”
The man was very happy and started rushing towards his home. While he was going down the steps of the temple the saint said, “Wait a minute! I have forgotten one thing. There is one condition. When you will sit and chant the mantra, remember not to think of any monkey.”
The man said, “Do you think I am mad? In whole of my life no monkey has ever entered into my mind, not even in my dreams! So don’t worry!”
The saint said, “I just wanted to make you aware of the condition....!”
The man rushed back home. But as he was moving towards his house he was amazed to see that, slowly the monkeys started appearing on the screen of his mind ... big monkeys, small monkeys, jumping and giggling.... He tried to push them away. It was not one monkey, but a never ending crowd of monkeys, rushing from all the sides....
When he sat for chanting, the monkeys were all over the room. He closed his eyes, but they were sitting all around him. A few were inside the mind, and a few were sitting all around him. They pushed him and jumped on him from all the sides and kept giggling. One big monkey was even sitting in front of him and was chanting Om...Om ...Om.
The man could not sleep the whole night, so at midnight he rushed to the temple, woke up the old saint and said, “What kind of mantra have you given to me? I see only monkeys everywhere!”
The saint said, “That’s why for so many years I didn’t tell this to anybody. No one can fulfill the condition.”
The man said, “I don’t want any miracles, any secrets. But please help me to get rid of these monkeys....!”
The saint smiled and said, “Simply drop the idea of miracles and those monkeys will disappear. They are the guardians of the miracles.”

Moral of the Story ....
Friends, even if we try to stop thinking for a few minutes, more thoughts will rush in than ever. This indicates that we are not the master. The way to become the master is not to stop the thoughts but to watch the whole thought process.
If the man had been simply a witness, the monkeys would have gone. They would have seen that this man is absolutely indifferent, not interested at all.
The moment you make a point to be indifferent towards the thoughts, you have attained a tremendous victory. Just watch. Don’t judge. Don’t condemn. Just by watching, a moment comes when there is nothing to watch. Thoughts disappear....
Friends, our mind is tremendously powerful instrument. But the result of this immense gift to man has not been beneficial, because the master is absent and the servant is running the show. Watchfulness is the key. Mind can be immensely creative. It can make this very earth paradise....!!
Enjoy the Day !