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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Purity of mind

The Zen Master Hakuin was always honored by his neighbors, as he led a pure life, until one day it was discovered that, a beautiful girl who lived near Hakuin’s hut, was pregnant. Her parents were very angry. In the beginning, the girl was not ready to take anybody’s name, but after much pressure she named Hakuin.
The angry parents and the neighbors reached Hakuin, but all he could say was, “Is that so?” 
After the girl gave birth to the child, the newborn baby was taken to Hakuin, who had lost all his reputation by this time. But Hakuin was not at all disturbed. He accepted the child with lot of love. He took a great care of the child and also arranged for everything the child needed. 
A year later the mother of the child could stand it no more, so she divulged the truth to her parents and told them that, the real father of her child was a young man from their village. Immediately the parents of the girl along with some villagers visited Hakuin to tell him the truth and apologize. They asked for his forgiveness and requested the child back. 
The master willingly yielded the child and said, “Is that so …?”

Moral of the Story ….
Friends, purity always means innocence, the unburdened consciousness ….unburdened of knowledge. A mind without any content, a mind like a child's mind, a pure, innocent mind. Innocence is the door to knowing. Knowledge is the barrier and innocence is the bridge.
To remain open is purity. Our innermost core has always been pure. Purity is intrinsic to all of us, it cannot be taken away in any way. Purity is eternal, one cannot lose it, there is no way to lose it. One can only forget about it or can remember it. If one forgets about it, one lives in confusion. If one remembers about it, everything in life becomes crystal clear.
Have a Wonderful Day !!