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Friday, September 9, 2011

Offer from God !

A Sufi mystic, Bayazid meditated for years. God was very, very compassionate towards him. Bayazid had made such great efforts, arduous was his search, intense was his prayer. So God sent an angel to him.

The angel approached Bayazid and said, "God is very happy with you. So whatsoever you want He is ready to give you. Your days of seeking and inquiry are finished. Just ask for anything!"

Bayazid said, "No, I don't want to get anything so cheaply because in my life I have been deceived due to such cheap possibility. You cannot deceive me anymore. Convey it to God that I will earn the hard way."

The angel said, "You are foolish! God is just waiting to burn the innermost light of your being. You just ask!"

But Bayazid was firm, he said, "I thank both of you, but I am not going to ask for anything because, whatever I ask for, it will be borrowed from God. So, let me seek and search for it myself!"

The angel said, "God will feel offended. Such a thing has never happened in human history. So God’s offer has to be accepted."

Then Bayazid thought for a moment and looked around. He had a small lamp and the oil in the lamp was almost over.

Bayazid said, "If God really wants to light something, request Him on my behalf to light my small lamp.  The oil is almost over and the night is dark. I have still to meditate. Just this much will do. You just request God to give me one blessing that, the oil in my lamp should not get over so I can meditate the whole night....!"

That's all Bayazid asked for. It seems God was very happy and He said, "This is the right way."

Moral of the Story ....

Yes, that was the right way to desiring! If Bayazid would have accepted the offer and asked for anything other than this, he would have missed.

Friends, whatsoever comes to us without our earning, it is never our own. One possesses only that which one has lived, which one has known and which one has earned.

Have a Blissful Day Friends !