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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knowledge Vs Knowing !

In Japan one night, a blind man was visiting a friend. The night was quite dark and he was offered a paper-and-bamboo lantern to carry home with him.

“I do not need a lantern,” said the blind man, “darkness or light it is all the same for me.”

“Yes, I know! You do not need a lantern to find your way”, his friend replied, “but you must take it because, without this lantern someone may run into you.'

The blind man agreed with this and started off with the lantern. But on his way back, someone ran squarely into him.

“Oh! Look out where you are going!”, the blind man exclaimed to the stranger, “At least, can't you see this lantern in my hand?”

'My brother, your candle has burnt out,” replied the stranger.

Moral of the Story ....

Friends similarly, in the very transfer of the knowledge, the flame goes out. The flame of knowledge cannot be transferred. One will have to become a flame on his own accord. One can learn how to kindle one’s flame but one cannot borrow it or it can not be transferred.

‘Knowing’ is like seeing it with one’s own eyes and ‘Knowledge’ is like only hearing or reading it from others. Friends, one who remains with knowledge, always remains ignorant, remains far away from ‘Knowing’.....!

One should not accumulate only knowledge, but one should be a knower!!

Good Day to All My Friends !