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Friday, September 30, 2011

Celebration of Work !

A temple was under construction on the outskirts of a village. Some construction workers were busy cutting stones for it. A passerby stopped to see what is being built. He went near one of the workers and asked him, "What are you doing?"

The man was quite sad and serious. He even looked angry with himself. Without raising his gaze to the visitor the worker said in a sharp tone, "Why are you asking me this silly question? Don't you see I am cutting stones?"

The visitor then moved to another worker and asked him the same question, "What are you doing?"

This man looked sad too, but at least was not angry. He put down his hammer and chisel, raised his eyes to the visitor and said, "I am earning bread for my family," and he resumed his work.

The visitor moved to a third workman who was engaged in the same kind of work. However, this man was in a happy mood, singing.

"What are you doing?" the passerby asked him too.

The man looked at his visitor happily and said in a very pleasant tone, "I am constructing a temple for my God!" He resumed his stone cutting and his singing once again.

Moral of the Story ....

All the three workmen were engaged in the same job ... stone-cutting, but their attitude towards their work was quite different from one another.

The third workman had turned his work into a celebration, he could work and sing together. Friends, one can create wealth also by way of celebration. It is not necessary to treat it as a duty and work, otherwise the work makes us tired, exhausted and hence leaves us utterly empty.

The affluence that comes with the celebration has a beauty of its own. One can abolish one’s poverty through hard and painful work, but such a person will still remain poor in spite of the wealth. Poverty of the spirit cannot go until one learns to transform work into a celebration. The way of celebration can abolish both material and spiritual poverty.

It is really a question of one’s attitude towards what one does. With the change of attitude, work turns into a celebration and the whole milieu of life changes.

Friends, if we can not get what we Love, can we Love what we get????