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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bamboo

A farmer had a cluster of beautiful bamboo trees. One day he stood before the tallest one and said, "My friend, I need you."

"Sir," said the bamboo, "Use me in any way you wish, I am ready."

Then the gardener's voice became serious and he said, "In order to use you, I've got to split you in half."

Immediately the bamboo reacted, "Split me! Oh, no... I'm the nicest bamboo in this garden. Use me in any way you wish, but please don't split me in half."

"Well," said the gardener, "If I can't split you, I can't use you."

The bamboo went silent for some time, then it bowed down its head and said, "That’s fine. If the only way you can use me, is by splitting me, go ahead."

"But that's not all," said the gardener, "I will have to cut off all your branches."

"That will be the end of my beauty," the bamboo said, "But, if that's the only way I can be of use, cut me down altogether."

So the farmer cut down the bamboo, removed all its branches and split it down in two halves. After hollowing out its insides, he brought it to a spring of water. It became a pipe which directed the spring water to flow in to the fields and gardens to make them fertile, help them flower and bear fruits.....!

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, the beautiful bamboo sacrificed itself to give life to the crop and whole-hearted supported the plants & the trees to flower and bear fruits.

Right around us there are various people .... our parents, teachers, our siblings, spouses, friends, our colleagues, and of course the security forces of our nation, who willingly keep sacrificing their lives for us, so that, we can learn, live, flourish, grow, feel secure and enjoy our lives.

Friends, Let us all be aware of their sacred efforts and bow down at their feet, for wherever they are...Let us be worthy of their sacrifice....!

Have a Wonderful Day !!