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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Retouching the X-Ray!

There used to be pain in Mulla Nasruddin's back. One day the pain became unbearable, so he reluctantly went to a specialist to diagnose his problem.
"Well," said the doctor, "your problem can be cured by an operation....and then two weeks in the hospital and six months totally horizontal...!"
"Oh No Doctor! I can't afford the cost of all that!" shouted Nasruddin.
"Well then, for twenty-five rupees I can retouch your X-ray," suggested the doctor.

Moral of the Story .....

Friends, retouching the X-ray is cheaper, but that is not going to make us healthy or resolve the problem. But, we continuously keep retouching the X-ray and think that somehow the miracle will happen.
Decorating our ego is like retouching the X-ray. Although it is not going to make us healthy, we find it cheaper. No surgery, no cost, and the misery continues. Even when we are highly respected, praised by the society, decorated with gold medals, laurels, awards, etc. our misery continues. Friends, all these are like retouching the X-ray.
All the decoration of our ego is nothing but deceiving ourselves. Thus, the body and mind slowly start getting weaker and weaker. Fear envelops us and we start living as if we are sitting on a volcano which will explode any day. This fear does not allow us to rest or relax or be at peace. Only if one can understand this point, the whole of our energy can be put into a right direction.
In Chandokya Upanishad, there is a Shloka which says, “ATMAVIT SHOKAM TARATI” which simply means, “The one who Realizes the Self, can successfully swim through the oceans of miseries!”
Friends, one needs to know oneself, only then one will  never worry about what others have to say....!!
Have a Nice Day Friends!