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Friday, September 9, 2011

Evil rebounds

Friends, here is a Story from Dhammapada … 

Please Reflect on the contents ….

Early one morning, a hunter was on his way out to hunt with his dogs, when he saw a monk on his alms round. Not particularly fond of monks, he thought that meeting one on the way would only bring him bad luck and he would probably not catch anything at all.
Indeed, as he feared, his bag remained empty all day. On his way back home, the hunter happened to come across the same monk he had seen earlier in the day. Still sore at the monk for having spoiled his hunt, he sought revenge by setting his dogs on the poor monk.
The innocent monk could barely made it into the branches of a nearby tree when the dogs arrived snarling and snapping wildly at him. The monk sat there safely on the tree out of the dogs’ reach until the hunter came along and started poking the monk’s feet with the sharp end of one of his arrows. This made the poor monk keep jumping about to avoid injury. While he was doing so, his robe became undone and started slipping off him….
The monk was now unable to hang on to the robe anymore and could not keep his balance on the tree at the same time. So finally, the robe fell on the hunter standing below, covering him up completely. When the dogs saw the yellow robe, they mistook their master for the monk and attacked mercilessly on him, mauling him to death.
Subsequently, the monk became fraught with guilt, feeling that it was his fault that the hunter got killed. He went to seek the Buddha’s advice.
The Buddha assured him that it was the hunter and not he, who was at fault, for the hunter had tried to harm someone who had done no wrong to him in any way. The Buddha explained to the poor monk that, the hunter came to face an unfortunate death because of his wrong doings.

Moral of the Story ….
Like  fine dust thrown against the wind, evil falls back upon the fool who offends a harmless, pure and innocent man.
Friends, we need to be the master of our thoughts. Never do any harm to others. It is violent and we need to be conscious about it. If we harm the others the harm will come back sooner or later. That's the whole theory of karma ....Whatsoever one does to others will be done to him. So, one should do to others only that which one would like to be done to himself.
Have a Wonderful Day Friends!