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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Knowledge & Wisdom !

A king used to be very concerned because his son was something of a fool. Therefore, the king’s counselors urged that the son be sent away to a great university in another country. They all had a hope that the boy would acquire learning and wisdom. Finally the king agreed. The son was sent abroad where he studied hard for several years.

One day the son wrote to the king that he had learned just about everything possible and pleaded to be allowed to return home. The king agreed and the son returned. When the son arrived at the palace the king was overjoyed. A great feast was prepared and all the great men of the kingdom were invited.

At the end of the festivities one of the sages present asked the son, what he had learned. The young man ticked off the university’s curriculum that he had gone through. While the lad was talking, the sage slipped a ring off his finger, closed his fist over it, held it up and asked, “What do I hold in my hand?”

The son thought for a moment and replied, “It is a round object with a hole in the centre.” The sage was astonished at such a wisdom. May be the lad had become a great mind.

“Will you now name the object?” asked the sage.

The king’s son pondered for a few moments, then said, “The sciences that I studied do not aid me in answering your question, but my own commonsense tells me that it is a wheel of a cart.”

Moral of the Story ...

Friends, you can educate a fool but you cannot make him wise!

Information is not knowledge because information is not transformation ...It can never be. Knowledge comes only through transformation.

Information is adding something to the same old mind. It is only quantitative, there is no qualitative change, because the mind at the background remains the same. Probably this is the reason that, all that is called education today just proves to be superficial.

Friends, the mind has to go through qualitative change, otherwise there can not be any Wisdom. To go on adding information to one’s ignorance can be dangerous. There has to be a total mutation of the mind through Wisdom. Only a transformation of the very quality of the mind can bring in the real education.

Have a Nice Day Friends !