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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wisdom is practical

Friends, here is a small Arabian story....

Once a man died. He had three sons. The man left a will which read that, the seventeen camels which he had should be distributed to his three sons in such a way that, one half of the camels should go to the first son, one third to the second and one ninth to the third.
The sons were nonplussed, what to do? Seventeen camels half is to go to the first son. So should one camel be cut in two? And that too won't solve the problem, because one third has to go to the second and one ninth has to go to the third. Thus, the many of the seventeen camels would be killed.

They went to the man of the town who was most knowledgeable ...the Mulla, the scholar, the mathematician. He thought hard, tried hard, but couldn't find any solution. The Mulla said, "I have never divided camels in my life. The whole thing seems to be foolish. But if the will of the old man is to be followed exactly, then the camels have to be cut and then divided."
The sons were not ready to cut the camels. So what to do now? Then somebody suggested, "It is better that you go to someone who knows something about camels, not about mathematics." So they went to the Sheikh of the town who was an old man, uneducated but wise and experienced. They told him about their problem.
The old man laughed and said, "Don't be worried. It is simple!"
He loaned one of his own camels to them. So now there were eighteen camels. Then he divided them as per the will. One half... so nine camels were given to the first and he was perfectly satisfied. One third... six camels were given to the second, he was also happy. One ninth... so two camels were given to the third, he was also satisfied.
The last camel was left, which was loaned by the old Sheikh. So, he took his camel back and said, "The distribution is as per the will of your father. Now you may leave."
Moral of the Story ....
Friends, wisdom is practical and knowledge is impractical. Knowledge is abstract, wisdom is earthly. Knowledge is just words, wisdom is experience.
Don't be deceived by its simplicity. In the simplicity is the wisdom of the ages.
Have a Nice Day!!