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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grow Wings

Friends, Attitude is everything….

Negative attitude negates life. Negative attitude is good only for dying but not good for living. Life needs Positive attitude; life feeds on it because it makes you not only happy but creative also.

Reflect on this story ….

There lived an old woman in a village. The older she became the younger she felt. Friends, youthfulness has nothing to do with age, it is an attitude, and with age and its richness one can really be younger than the young. The old woman was so cheerful and creative that, everyone use to wonder at her.

Once a visitor asked her, “…But you must be having some clouds in your life?”

"Clouds?" she replied, "Why of course!! If there were no clouds where would these blessed showers come from?"

The old woman further said, “In the presence of so called clouds …problems & troubles in life, Positive mind grows Wings but the Negative mind buy Crutches. ….Allow the Wings to Grow, do not buy Crutches!!"