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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Mulla Nasruddin once walked into the office of a cemetery and complained to the manager, "I know well that my wife is buried here in this cemetery but I can't find her grave."

The manager opened his register and asked, "What is her name?"
Mulla said, "Mrs. Nasruddin!"

The manager checked the register thoroughly and said, "There is no mention of Mrs. Nasruddin’s grave, but there is one Mr. Mulla Nasruddin buried here." 

The manager then apologetically added, "We are sorry Sir, it looks like something has gone wrong in our register."

Mulla Nasruddin immediately replied, "No...No...In fact, nothing is wrong from your side.... Just show me the grave of Mr. Mulla Nasruddin. Actually, everything is in my name you see....!"

Moral of the Story ...

Friends, even the grave of his wife is in Mulla’s own name! This is possession... one goes on trying to possess everything! This is not love. In fact, when one tries to possess, one hates, destroys, kills and becomes a sort of murderer.