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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Success or Failure ?

Friends, the ultimate success brings about failure ultimately & this truth is beautifully illustrated through the following short story..... Read on ....
In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism it is believed that, the devine ‘Sumeru Mountain’ exists in heaven. The significance of the mountain is that, any great emperor who has conquered the whole world, when finally reaches the heaven, can sign his name on the Sumeru Mountain for the incredible achievements of his lifetime.

One great emperor, after his death reached the gates of the heaven. At the gate, the gatekeeper allowed the king to sign his name and the king, happily went ahead to sign his name on the 'Sumeru'.

When he reached the mountain to sign, he was amazed, as contrary to his belief that he was one among the few to sign on the 'Sumeru', the king found thousands of signatures on the mountain, without any space left to fit his signature.

The emperor was disappointed and thought to himself, “I always thought that I would be the one to sign on the great Sumeru Mountain, but there are thousands of others who have already signed before me. Where shall I sign now? I feel humiliated!”

The gatekeeper who was observing the king said, “There is still one option available. You can rub one of the names and sign yours in its place!”

The king replied sadly, “What is the point? One fine day somebody else will come and rub out my name and will sign his name!”

“Yes, that has been happening. It is up to you to decide!” said the gatekeeper.

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, this is in fact, is the failure of success. In reality, the 'Sumeru Mountain' may not exist, however, the truth of the failure of success is inevitable.

Whole of our lives we keep running about with our ego, chasing different goals and achievements. The maximum one can do is to run up to the 'Sumeru Mountain', only to wipe out one more great name to include one’s own and in the process one is surely wasting one’s life.

Friends the truth is that, even one’s name can not be made eternal, then where is the question of the ego being a great achiever or a celebrity??