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Friday, June 10, 2011

Carbon copies

Mulla Nasruddin was once introduced to a great philosopher by the Mulla’s friend. During the introduction Mulla’s friend said, “Among the other things, Mulla Nasruddin is also a great writer”, and the friend smiled knowingly.

The philosopher was very much interested and asked Mulla Nasruddin,“What have you written?”

Mulla replied, “I have just finished Hamlet!”

The Philosopher couldn't believe his ears. He asked Mulla again, “Have you ever heard of a man known as William Shakespeare?”

Mulla Nasruddin almost jumped and said, “Oh ! This is very strange, because earlier when I wrote Macbeth, somebody asked me the same question.” Mulla further enquired, “By the way, who is this man William Shakespeare? It looks like he keeps on copying me. Whatsoever I write, he copies it!” 

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, most of us think that everybody is copying us but the reality is that we go on copying others. We are a carbon copy, not a real person, because a real person never needs any display. And what do we achieve through this display? Just a false feeling that we are important, talented, extraordinary, etc.
Extraordinariness is not based on what we do, it is rather based on what we are. We all are already extraordinary, each one of us is unique, there is no need to prove it. Hence, when we try to prove it, we prove just the opposite. If something is already the case, how can one prove it? It simply indicates that we are not even ware of the uniqueness that has already happened to us.
Friends, proofs are needed only for lies, truth needs no proof....!
Enjoy the Day !