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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Self Knowledge

Once it happened in a bank that, a robber approached and shoved a note across to the cashier, which read, "Put the money in a bag, you sucker, and don't make a move."
The cashier quickly wrote out a note and shoved it back, "Straighten your tie, you stupid. Your picture's being taken."
Moral of the Story ....
Friends, even at the moment of death, most of us will be straightening our tie because our picture is being taken.
We remain interested in mirrors. We remain interested in what others are thinking about us, what others are saying about us. We just go on creating a beautiful image about ourselves. That is our whole life’s effort. And one day we will disappear and our image will fall into the dust. Dust unto dust, nothing will remain.
Friends, one should be aware that, one should never be too much interested in the image. Instead one should be interested in the real - and the real is within us; it is our energy. It has nothing to do with the others opinions.
No mirror is needed for self-knowledge, as self-knowledge is not a reflection. Self-knowledge is a direct, immediate encounter. One comes face to face with one’s own being.