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Monday, June 13, 2011

The unending desire for more

"Is something wrong Sir?" asked the bartender to the young, well-dressed customer, who sat staring sullenly into his drink.

"Yeah, two months ago one of my uncles died and left me eighty-five thousand dollars," said the man.

"That does not sound like anything to be upset about," said the bartender, polishing a glass. "It should happen to me!"

"Yeah," said the sour young man, "but last month another uncle from my mother's side passed away and he left me hundred and fifty thousand dollars."

"So why are you sitting there looking so unhappy?" asked the bartender.

"Try to understand," said the sad looking young man, "just ten days back one more uncle from my father’s side died. He has left me three hundred thousand dollars."

"Oh! That is great! You should be in the best of your spirits, but why are you so sad....??"

“....Because, there are no more uncles left...!!”

Moral of the Story.....

Friends, most of us can never be satisfied by anything, because the mind goes on asking for more. The desire for more always creates sorrow, makes one a slave.

The desire for more never allows one to live according to the universal law. One starts fighting for more. Whether it is something outward or inward does not matter. When one goes on fighting for something more, it means that, one is going against the law of existence.

One should learn to trust the existence, be relaxed within. Existence takes care of everything. It always provides with whatsoever is really needed by us. When it does not provide something, that means it is not really needed by us.

Enjoy every Moment of Life, Friends!