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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Let Go!

It is said that, in Africa and in India, the natives use a technique to catch monkeys....

They hollow out one end of a coconut keeping a small opening at the top and put peanuts in there. When a monkey gets aroma of the peanuts, it immediately puts its hand in the coconut and grabs the peanuts in its fist.

Then the monkey tries to pull out its closed fist containing the peanuts, however, the closed fist gets trapped in the small opening of the coconut. The monkey does not want to open its fist or leave the peanuts, so it keeps trying to pull out the closed fist. It can not even run away with the coconut, as it is quite heavy ....And while this struggle is going on, the natives pull a string attached to the other end of the coconut and capture the monkey.


Moral of the Story ....

Friends, the truth is that the monkey was never trapped. All it had to do was open its fist and let go of the peanuts. But, greed is the nature of mind.

Mind is always greedy and wants to accumulate more and more. It may be food or money, it may be power or knowledge, whatsoever it is, mind means greed.

Clinging to the greed brings Bondage & Misery, ‘Let Go’ brings Liberation & Freedom !

Live a Blissful Day Friends !