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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Law of 3 in the morning.

This story is about a monkey trainer, who went to his monkeys and told them, "As regards your chestnuts, you are going to have three measures in the morning, and four in the afternoon."

On hearing this all the monkeys got angry. So, the keeper said, “All right then, I will change it to four measures in the morning, and three in the afternoon."

...And the animals were satisfied with this arrangement.

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, the story is quite significant, with multiple layers of meaning. Obviously, very simple but still very deeply indicative of the human mind. The first thing to be understood is that the human mind is monkeyish...

Both the above arrangements put forth by the monkey trainer were the same. The total number of chestnuts did not change, but in one case the monkeys were displeased, and in the other case they were satisfied. The keeper was willing to change his personal arrangement in order to meet the objective conditions. In the bargain he lost nothing.

Similarly, a truly wise man, considering both the sides of the question without partiality, sees them both in the light of Awareness. This is called following two courses at once.... The Law of Three in the Morning!