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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mulla Nasruddin: Go Slow

Mulla Nasruddin used to work in an office and his residence was just a five minutes walk from the office. However, Mulla used to be always late.
The boss was fed up and one day he told Mulla, 'This is too much. I have been telling you again and again. Don't you understand? All your colleagues live far away but they are always on time, and you live just in front of the office and are always late.'
Mulla immediately replied, 'Sir, it is simple and logical. If they get late they can hurry... they stay far away. The gap... they can run, can take a taxi. But if I am late, I am late. I stay just in front of the office...nothing can be done... there is no way to hurry....!'
Moral of the Story ...
Friends, if we hurry we will never arrive. If we move slowly, there is a possibility of arriving. If we don't move anywhere at all, if we simply sit where we are, we have arrived. In spiritual practices, it is not a question of any distance that has to be travelled; it is not a goal far away. Naturally, if the goal is far away we can move faster.
Enlightenment is not somewhere else, neither in space nor in time, it is here-now. If we hurry too much we will go astray, we will go far away. The whole thing is to slow down .... to slow down so deeply that one day nothing moves in us.
Friends, it is not a question of reaching anywhere, it is not even a question of arriving ... We should forget about the ideals, forget any future and let this moment be all. We should learn to enjoy every small thing in life. We should not project any desire into the future which is anyway absent...But just learn to Relax...!
Live a Meaningful Day Friends !