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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Master & the Slave

Once Mulla Nasruddin was sitting on his donkey, and the donkey was moving fast.
A friend saw him and asked, “Where are you going Nasruddin?”
Mulla replied, “To tell you the truth, even I don't know. Don't ask me. Ask this donkey.”
Mulla’s friend was thoroughly puzzled at this answer, so he asked again, “What do you mean?”
Mulla said in a whispering tone, “You are my friend, so I must be truthful and frank to you. This donkey is quite adamant and stubborn. It creates lot of difficulties for me. Whenever I pass through a market or a town and if I insist that we should go this way, the donkey insists on going the other way. Then it looks ridiculous in the marketplace and I become a laughing stock. People tell me that even your donkey doesn’t follow you! So, I have made it a rule that wherever this donkey takes me, I go with it. Now everyone thinks that the donkey is following me, but that is not the truth. However, this way the donkey feels happy and even my prestige is safe!”

Moral of the Story......
Friends, mind rationalizes all its actions as well as mistakes. Whatever mind does, it gives strong reasons for it and that too immediately. Even a criminal has a valid reason to commit a crime.
All our actions are controlled by Mind. No action of ours comes from our individuality but is influenced by our mind. Mind limits us to mediocrity, otherwise if we work with awareness, we have an infinite potential.
Friends, mind has become our master and it’s not easy to get rid from the slavery of the mind. Even if we become aware of this slavery, mind tries to deceive us by playing subtle games. Thinking is the door through which mind enters again and again fooling us, making us do things which we feel we ourselves have decided to do, thus creating misery in us. Then the mind also deceives us by rationalizing the action in various ways.          
Therefore, the first step towards becoming more authentic is to be aware of the mind games. Any action done with awareness is authentic and is not influenced by mind. Awareness liberates us from the slavery of mind. All that corruption which mind has done to us loses its strength against the Awareness.