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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A White Cloud

Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach to the top of Everest, says in his autobiography, 'As I started reaching closer and closer, I had to leave more and more things behind. At the last moment, I had to leave almost everything, because everything became such a burden...!'

Food For Thought ....

Friends, the higher we reach, the more unburdened we need to be. A miser cannot soar high, because he remains clinging to the earth, rooted in the earth. Trees cannot fly and even if they wish to fly, they need to be uprooted.
Life happens only for those who share, who love, who don’t cling to the things, because they remain available, but a miser always misses tremendously.
To cling to a thing is to cling to something which is below us, then how can we soar high? It is as if one is clinging to rocks and trying to fly in the sky, or one is carrying rocks on one’s head and trying to climb the Everest. One has to throw those rocks and only then one will be able to reach, unburdened....! 
Friends, one needs to be like a white cloud ... a wanderer...with no roots anywhere....!

Enjoy the Day Friends!