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Friday, December 23, 2011


Once Mulla Nasruddin visited one of his friends. Mulla was looking quite worried. After a brief silence he asked his friend, 'Ah, poor Mr. Jones! Did you hear what happened to him?”
Mulla’s friend  responded, “No, I am not aware! What happened to Mr. Jones?”
Mulla replied, “He tripped at the top of the stairs, fell down the entire flight, banged his head and died!'
Shocked, his friend said, 'Died?'
'Yes, died,' Mulla repeated with emphasis, '...and broke his glasses too ...!'

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, the immature mind is always interested more in glasses than in life and death. Immature mind is more interested in things and objects.
Such a mind remains interested in that which is worthless and non-essential. One should understand that, things can only be used, or at the most these can become a decoration in life, but things cannot replace or substitute or become life itself....! Friends, one should be more kind, loving and caring in life...!!

Have a Nice Day Friends!