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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Clinging is Distrust!

It is said that every evening, Mohammed ‘Paigamber’ used to distribute whatsoever he had collected during the day. He would not save even a single penny for the next day. He used to say, “The same source that had given to me today, would give me tomorrow as well. If it has happened today, why should I show 'untrust' about tomorrow? So, why save?”

However, when Mohammed was dying and was very ill, his wife was quite worried. She thought, may be in the middle of the night she may have to call a doctor or may require some life saving medicine. Therefore, that evening she saved five dinars with her, although she was quite afraid.

At about midnight, Mohammed opened his eyes and said, 'I feel a certain distrust around me. It seems something has been saved.'
The wife was quite afraid and replied, 'I am sorry, but thinking that some urgent help may be needed in the night, I have saved only five dinars.'
Mohammed immediately said, 'Please go and give it to somebody.'
She said, 'In the middle of the night, who will be there?'

Mohammed said, 'Please listen to me. Let me die peacefully, otherwise I will feel guilty against my God. I will feel ashamed that, at the last moment I died in deep distrust. So please go and give away that money!'

The wife went out, unbelieving of course, and she saw a beggar standing at the corner. She gave away those five dinars to him. When she returned, Mohammed said, 'Look, ‘He’ manages everything well. So, even when we need something, a donor will be standing outside the door, so don't be worried.'
It is said that, Mohammed pulled up his blanket and died in peace, totally relaxed.....!

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, clinging indicates that we don't trust life. Clinging to anything shows distrust.
Even in our relationship, if we cling to our near and dear ones, that simply shows that we don't trust. We always keep preparing for tomorrow, because we are afraid, insecure and hence keep making arrangements for the support.
Friends, if we can really love and trust ‘him’, that is more than enough for this life.

Have a Blissful Day, Today & Every Day Friends!