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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Moving in the Groove

A great mathematician, Herr Gauss, was keeping vigil while his wife lay ill upstairs. And as time passed, he found himself beginning to ponder a deep problem in mathematics.
The wife was going to die, the doctors said that this is going to be the last night, he was keeping vigil .... but the mind started moving in its old pattern. He started thinking about a mathematical problem. That was the last night in this world for his wife, but his mind was creating a screen of mathematics. He had completely forgotten about the wife; he had moved, he had gone far away on his own journey. Finally, he drew pen and paper to himself and began to draw diagrams.
A servant approached him and said deferentially, “Sir, your wife is dying....”
Gauss, never looking up, said, 'Yes, yes. But ask her to wait till I'm through...!”

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, most of us have grooves in our mind and we keep moving in the same grooves again and again and again. Even the great minds are as much unconscious as most of us are. As far as consciousness is concerned, great, small, and mediocre, all sail in the same boat. Even the greatest mind lives under chloroform.
Friends, one should be more alert, more aware and try to collect oneself together. Whatsoever one does, it should be done consciously, so that, the consciousness goes on accumulating, which transforms in to a reservoir of Life - energy.

Live a Meaningful Day ...Today & Every Day, Friends !