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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Law of Mind

It is said, in the heaven there is a tree called 'Kalpataru’ which means the ‘Wish-fulfilling Tree’.

Once a traveller arrived there. He was very tired so he relaxed under the ‘Kalpataru’. After a while, he realized that he was hungry and thought, 'There seems to be nobody around, I could have at least asked for some food....!'

The moment the idea of food touched his mind, suddenly food appeared in front of him. The traveller was so hungry that he simply finished the food without bothering to think about it. Then he started feeling sleepy, so he thought, 'If there could have been a bed here!' ....And immediately the bed appeared.

Now, lying on the bed a thought arose in his mind, 'Oh! I don't see anybody around me, but the food reached me, then this bed came to me. I am sure there are ghosts around me...!'

...Suddenly the ghosts appeared... and he was so afraid that he thought, 'Now these ghosts are going to kill me..!' ....And Yes!! They killed him!

Moral of the Story ...

This is one of the laws of Life. We think and it starts happening. If we think of enemies, we create them; if we think of friends, they are there for us. If we love, we see love all around us and if we hate, hate fills our life.

Friends, whatsoever we go on thinking is being fulfilled by a certain existential law. If one learns to live silently in this world, simply as a nothingness, an emptiness, this world can become a paradise. All the ‘ghosts’ in one’s life will disappear. It requires just a right state of one’s consciousness and everything happens automatically.

In fact, there are various laws playing in our life. One of the laws is of the ‘mind’. With the law of the mind, one goes on creating hell around the self. Thus, friends become enemies and flowers become thorns. Life becomes a burden and one simply suffers as if in hell wherever one lives.

Friends, if one can slip out of this negative mindset, then one can also slip out of this ‘Law of the Mind’, and suddenly one starts living in a totally different world. That different world is God. Without doing anything, everything just starts falling in place....!!

Have a Great Day Friends!