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Friday, December 9, 2011

Closer to the Whole!!

An American scientist once visited the offices of the great Nobel prize-winning physicist, Niels Bohr, in Copenhagen, and was amazed to find that over his desk was a horseshoe, securely nailed to the wall with the open end up in the approved manner, so it would catch the good luck and not let it spill out.
The American said with a nervous laugh, 'Surely you don't believe that, the horseshoe will bring you good luck, do you, Professor Bohr? After all, as a level-headed scientist....'
Bohr chuckled, 'I believe in no such thing, my good friend, not at all. I am scarcely likely to believe in such foolish nonsense. However, I am told that a horseshoe will bring you good luck whether you believe in it or not....!'

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, if we try to look a little deeper in to ourselves, just underneath our logic we can see fresh waters of intuition and trust, flowing. Therefore, one needs to become more and more feminine, more and more loving, surrendering, trusting, more and more closer to the Whole. One should not try to be an island, but should become part of the continent.
Although one may attain power and riches, one misses the life ...because deep down, the feminine mind continues. Unless one falls back to the feminine and surrenders, unless one’s resistance and struggle becomes a surrender, one will not know what real life is, and what celebration of life means ...!

Have a Great Day Friends!