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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Belief and Trust!

Lady Lewis was once appointed as an ambassador to Italy, by the United States of America. She was a recently converted Catholic, and, of course, was very enthusiastic. Whosoever she met, she would try and make him a Catholic.

When she went to Italy as the ambassador, she went to meet the Pope. A long discussion followed, which continued on and on. A press reporter slipped closer and closer, just to hear what was going on. The Pope had never given so much time to anybody, and the discussion seemed to be very heated and hot. Something was going on. When the Pope was talking for so long to the ambassador of the richest and the strongest nation in the world, there has to be some news....

Just to overhear, the reporter moved closer and closer and he could hear only one sentence.... The Pope was saying in a faltering English, 'Lady, you don't understand me. I am already a Catholic...!'
....So, she was trying to convert the Pope!

Moral of the Story .....

Friends, belief is in ignorance. If one knows, one knows. If one doesn’t know, one should know that one doesn’t know. The plain belief can only deceive us. The belief can create an atmosphere in one’s mind, so that, without knowing one starts thinking that one knows. The more strongly one says one believes totally, the more one is afraid of the doubt within oneself.
Belief is just repressing doubt; it is a desire. Doubt comes first and only then the belief enters. And to suppress the doubt, one catches hold of a belief. Trust is when doubt disappears. Trust is innocent.
Friends, belief is of the head; trust is of the heart.

Have a Wonderful Day Friends !!