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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Being Blissful!!

Once Mulla Nasruddin’s friend visited him. Mulla and his friend were standing near the closed window and discussing over a topic. There were some washed clothes hanging outside for drying in the neighbouring house.
Mulla looked at the clothes and said, 'Our neighbours are very dirty. Just look at their clothes!'
Mulla’s friend looked outside carefully, then moved closer to the window and said, 'My dear friend, those clothes are not dirty. In fact, your window glass is dirty. It is covered with dust.'
Mulla’s friend opened the windows and both of them saw that, those clothes were really clean and bright.

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, Life is tremendously beautiful and divine. One should feel a reverence for it, one should feel like worshipping it. When we say 'Life is God' we mean that life is not ordinary. It is extraordinary. There is tremendous potential. One only needs to clean and open one’s eyes.
When one is blissful, some divine energy can be experienced in everything we see around. One can then see God in the flowers, in the stones and in the stars. One only needs to plant a seed, a song, a star. Wherever such a person goes, he is in the temple. A blissful being carries his temple around him. It is a climate, it is his own inner juice overflowing in life.
Friends, God is nothing but a being which has realized, reached and fulfilled.....!

Have a Meaningful Day Friends !