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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dead Mouse

Once a crow was flying with a dead mouse in its beak and many other birds were chasing the crow.
The crow was very much worried and thought, 'I am not doing anything wrong to them, I am just carrying my dead mouse. Why are they all after me?'
Slowly, all the birds chasing the crow started hitting it hard. In the conflict and the struggle, the crow opened its beak and the mouse dropped down. Immediately, all the other birds left the crow and flew towards the mouse. They all forgot about the crow.
Now, the relieved crow sat upon a tree and brooded in peace, “Oh! The birds were not against me. In fact, they were also on the same trip ....they were after the mouse!”

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, if we think that, people are hurting us, we must be carrying a dead mouse! We should drop it and then should sit on the tree or under the tree and brood. Suddenly, we will see that the people have forgotten about us, now they are not concerned.
In fact, others are never concerned about us, unless we are carrying a dead mouse. Friends, our ego is the dead mouse....!

Have a Great Day Friends!!