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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zen: Conscious Shock !

A Zen Master used to call out loudly every morning, 'Bokuju, where are you?' Bokuju was his own name.

Then he would answer, 'Yes sir? I am here!'

He would then say, 'Bokuju remember, another day is given to you. Be aware and alert and don't be foolish!'

He would respond saying, 'Yes sir, I will try my best.' ....

In fact, there was nobody else there! 

His disciples even started thinking Bokuji had gone mad. But, he was playing a mono-drama.

Food For Thought ....

Friends, this can be a wonderful cure for the negative emotions such as, anger, anxiety, hurt, upset, etc.
One can wake up oneself by calling one’s own name and then replying, “Yes sir, I am here!” 
One will definitely feel the difference. The moment one calls himself, there is a ‘Conscious Shock’, a sudden jerk. The continuous flow of thinking is interrupted and the negative emotions disappear or get diluted. And least for a single moment one will have a glimpse beyond the clouds. 

Once one knows that, when one becomes alert, negative emotions disappear. One will come to a deep understanding of one’s own self and also about the mechanism of one’s inner working.

Friends, it is always quite easy when somebody else is led and we are the leader. But when we are both, the situation is natural, not arbitrary, and of course it is more complicated. A simple & wonderful technique to bring oneself to the present moment!

Have a Great Day Friends! 

Mrs. Sangeeta Hegde