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Monday, January 30, 2012

Knowledge or Wisdom?

Zalewski got a job as a delivery boy in a pet shop. One day he was told to deliver a pet rabbit at the following address - Mrs. Caldwell, Route 2 -- Box 4.
"It is better if I write that down in case I forget it," thought Zalewski.
Slipping the address into his pocket and the rabbit cage, Zalewski started off on his errand. Every few minutes he glanced at the address and said, "I know where I am going: Mrs. Caldwell, Route 2 -- Box 4."
Everything went smoothly until he hit a huge pothole in the road. Zalewski landed in the ditch, the cage opened and the rabbit began to run for its life across an open field.
Zalewski stood there laughing uproariously. A passerby stopped and asked, "What's so funny? You will lose your job and will also get a beating from the boss!"
"Did you see that crazy rabbit running across that field?" said Zalewski, "Where will it run? The address is in my pocket!"

Moral of the Story ....

Friends, this is the state of a knowledgeable person. He has got the address in his pocket. He knows everything about the God, the Heaven and the Hell. He always carries the load of words, of knowledge. He believes in words but he misses the spirit behind those words, the very meaning of those words. Words are useful only when one can understand the spirit that is hidden behind them, which is not so apparent, not so visible.
In the hands of a wise person words can become of infinite value, because they become the indicators. But in the hands of a knowledgeable person words are very dangerous, the spirit is completely missed and one starts believing in the hollow, empty words, and one starts following only the word.
Friends, beware of learning, otherwise one may never become wise. To be knowledgeable is very easy and safe, but to move into the dimension of wisdom is risky, as it is like going into the unknown, into the uncharted. When one has tasted wisdom, knowledge looks utterly stupid, until then knowledge seems to be of tremendous value.

Have a Great Day and Live Wisely My Friends!!