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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Who is neurotic?

Mrs. Jones, who was deeply troubled, was once consulting a psychiatrist.

'My husband,' she said, 'is convinced that he is a chicken. He goes around scratching the floor constantly, and sleeps on a large bar of wood he has fixed up as a perch.'

'I see,' said the psychiatrist thoughtfully, 'And how long has your husband been suffering from this fixation?'

'For nearly past two years ....!'

The psychiatrist frowned slightly and said, 'But why have you been waiting for so long to seek my help?'

Mrs. Jones blushed and said, 'Ah well, it was so nice having a steady supply of eggs everyday...!'

Moral of the Story ...

So Friends, who is neurotic ? The lady herself is neurotic, but she thinks her husband is neurotic ...!

Therefore Friends, first we need to look within ....the cause may be inside us. Since most of us don't know ourselves, we go on confusing our own projections with outer realities. It is impossible to know anything real, unless we know ourselves and the only way to know oneselves is to live a life of openness. One should come out and should not live in a closed cell or should not hide oneself behind one’s mind.

We are not a one-room apartment, we have many rooms within us ...just like a palace. However, most of us have become accustomed to living on the porch and have completely forgotten the palace. Many treasures are hidden in us and those treasures constantly go on knocking, inviting, but we remain deaf.

This blindness, this deafness, this insensitivity, has to be broken. Even if someone tries to break it, we feel offended, humiliated, and our pride is hurt. We are interested to listen to only the lies about ourselves which help creating only the false, golden image about the self.

Friends, unless this false image is shattered, we will go on clinging to it & will suffer like a neurotic.

Have a Meaningful Day Friends!