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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Stupid Parrot

A magician had been working on a cruise ship for more than 5 years. He used to perform for the same show each time and never changed his tricks.

There was also a parrot in the nightclub where the magician performed for his show. Finally, the parrot got so bored looking at the same tricks, that he began to call out during the magician’s performance. He used to say things like, “…Hey ! It’s in his palm…!” or “…Look, he has got a duplicate up his sleeves!” or “…Come on, there is a hidden compartment there…!”

One night, during the magic show, the ship hit an iceberg and started sinking in the ocean. Almost everybody on board was drowned. The ship slowly kept sinking to the bottom of the ocean. All that was left above the water level was only a part of the debris, with the parrot perched on one end and the magician clinging to the other….

Hours passed …the two were just staring at each other. Finally, the parrot said to the magician, “Okay, I give up. Now tell me where’s the ship?”

Moral of the Story …

Friends, intelligence is not of the mind, but it is one of the qualities of our being. Mind is used only as an instrument for its expression.
Memory is also not intelligence, as most of us think. Memory functions only on things previously known to us. But intelligence is the clear insight into the things about which we don't have any previous information. Intelligence can be seen only when we encounter the unknown, about which we don't have any memory, any knowledge, any previous information. When we encounter the unknown, that becomes the decisive point, when we can either respond intelligently or stupidly.
Friends, intelligence is the capability to respond to new situations and it comes from our being. Most of the times we are only thinking intellectually, but whatever we say should become our experience and only then the whole life can be transformed.

Have a Great Day Friends !