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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Once Gaffney, the drunkard staggered into a bar, crying....
"What happened?" asked Brady the bartender.
"I did a horrible thing," sniffed the drunk, "Just a few hours ago I sold my wife to someone for a bottle of Scotch...."
"That's awful," said the bartender, "Now that she is gone you want her back, right?"
"Right," said Gaffney, still crying....
"You are sorry that you sold her because, you realized too late that you love her, right?"
"Oh, no!" said Gaffney, "I want her back because... I am thirsty again!"

Moral of the Story ...

Friends, nothing seems to help most of us because the indifference is so heavy that, it has created a dark cloud around us. Most of us cannot see beyond our own nose and we are suffocating in our lonely world. The walls are so thick, that even if we love our dear ones, both of us are hidden behind our wall. Therefore, even if we shout, no communication seems to be possible due to the two heavy walls.
We say one thing, something else is understood.... so, sooner or later we all come to an understanding that, it is better not to communicate, it is better to keep silent, because the moment we utter a word misunderstanding is bound to follow. Hence, most of us are living a lonely life ...lonely in the crowd ...communication has failed. A thick, dense indifference is surrounding most of us and the others hear something else which we have not said at all.
Friends, people hear only that, which they want to hear or which they can hear or what their mind interprets.

Have a Meaningful Day Friends!