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Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you Listening or Hearing?

In a school a little boy was sitting at the rear of the classroom and it appeared that he was day-dreaming.
'Johnny,' asked the teacher, 'do you have trouble hearing?'
'No ma'am,' he replied, 'I have trouble listening....!'

Moral of the Story ...

Friends, almost all of us can hear, but how many of us can listen?Hearing is only physical, superficial, but when one’s soul also gets involved, only then it becomes listening. The art of listening is based on silent mind, so that the mind does not interfere, it simply allows whatever is coming in. The art of listening is just pure listening, factual, undistorted.
A curious person hears, but a seeker of the truth listens. Listening means hearing without mind, without any interference of the thoughts, as if one is totally empty, non-existing. Listening means one’s body and soul function together in a deep harmony.
If one has even a small thought inside or waves of subtle thoughts surrounding the mind, one will not be able to listen, although one will be able to hear. To listen to the eternal music of existence, one needs to be totally empty, completely silent... as if one is not.
Friends, only when one is not, one can listen. Are you listening??

Have a Great Day Friends !