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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who is Responsible?

Friends, a very meaningful story to Reflect upon ... Must read till the end ...

Once there was a wood-cutter, who lived in a small village by the side of a river, with his beautiful wife. Everyday he used to go to the forest, cut wood and bring it home. His wife used to travel across the river and sell the wood in the town. Out of that money, she used to buy necessary things for their living.

However, the wood-cutter was an alcoholic and used to abuse and beat his wife everyday. So, his wife used to share her miseries and problems with the shopkeeper from whom she used to buy things. Slowly, there developed a love affair between both of them.

One stormy night, the wood-cutter got drunk and had his usual fights with his wife. She was so disgusted that she ran away from him with the intention to cross the river and go to her lover forever. It was a dark night, the river was overflowing due to heavy rains and thunder storm. So, she requested the only boatman present there, to take her to the other shore, but he refused, saying that, it is risky to sail until the storm stops and water recedes. So, in her desperation she decided to take a small rickety bridge to cross the river. The boatman tried to stop her, saying there was a big tiger in that area, but she seemed to be determined. When she approached the shopkeeper, he refused to accept her and .....

The next day morning villagers saw her half eaten body lying by the side of the river....!  So the villagers now started discussing about who was responsible for her death? ....

Some villagers said, “That drunkard wood-cutter is responsible! Why should he drink and beat her?”

A few said, “The Shopkeeper is responsible for her death. How can he leave her in distress?”

Some also opined, “The boatman is responsible. Why should he refuse to sail her across?”

Some others also said, “That man-eating monster tiger is responsible for her death!”

A few more reacted, “She herself is responsible for her death. Why should she have an affair & why should she run away to her lover?”

Some also blamed, “The stormy, dark night and heavy rains are responsible for her death!”

Moral of the Story ...

So, who really is responsible for her death?
Friends, life is so entangled and entwined that every event leads to other events. Whatsoever we do, we may disappear but the consequences of our deeds will continue forever.
Even when we smile at a person, we change the whole quality of existence, because that smile will decide many things for the future. Small things move around, and they go on moving. It is just like throwing a small pebble in a lake....a small pebble, and ripples go on and on and on to the very end. By the time they reach the shore, the pebble may have already settled deep at the bottom is lost. That tiny, unseen pebble will change the whole quality of existence, because it is a close woven net. It is just like a spider's web touches it anywhere and the whole web ripples.
Friends, the whole, the vast ocean, the infinite is moving....We all are just a tiny wave in it. Just Relax and let the things be....!

Have a Great Day, Today & Every Day Friends !