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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Ultimate Treasure !

There was once a poor woodcutter who used to go into the forest, cut wood, sell it in the town and thus used to make his living. He always used to see a sage sitting under a tree in deep meditation. The sage was looking very divine and blissful, so one day the woodcutter decided to seek his blessings and bowed down at his feet.

The sage opened his eyes and said, “Go deep into the forest...!" and closed his eyes again.

That day the woodcutter went little deep into the forest and to his joy, found some sandalwood trees there. He made enough money for a week by selling that sandalwood. Now, he had to work only once a week.  After a few days, again the sage said, “Go deep into the forest...!” So, the woodcutter moved still deeper into the forest and to his amazement, he found a silver mine. He was very happy that, he had to now work only once in a month.

Thus, the sage kept saying, “Go deep into the forest...!" and the woodcutter went still deeper and deeper into the woods, in spite of the fear of wild animals. To his wonderment he found a gold mine, then a diamond mine and so on...

One day, the wood cutter was sitting under a tree and was reflecting on the past events. Suddenly, he stood transfixed to the ground in utter shock...! After a deep reflection, it dawned on him that, there must be something immensely valuable, priceless, than all the wealth in this forest, otherwise, why the sage should sit here in utter indifference to all this wealth?  ...So, he hurried back to the sage and fell at his feet, asking only for his blessings and nothing else....

The sage lifted him up and said, “...Now, go deeper and deeper into your own heart. You will encounter many beautiful experiences, but do not stop until you find your true self. ...And that is the ultimate treasure ...!"
Moral of the Story …
Friends, there are two types of people in this world …those who keep stuffing their inner emptiness with fame, power, riches, etc. and those, very rare, precious beings who risk their lives to explore the inner emptiness. Those who keep stuffing, collecting garbage, finally remain empty and frustrated, while the other kind become divine and graceful.
There is no need to stuff the inner emptiness, because it is already full with a tremendous, divine beauty, overflowing with joy. Nothing else is needed. Such a person stops thinking about wealth, power and paradise. He is already in paradise….!
Friends, the ultimate treasure of life lies in one's heart as the very blissful self!

Life happens rarely, so enjoy each moment of it, Friends!